Bugging The System

A blog about microbes, diseases and biomedical research advances. Posts in English or German.


This is a personal blog, and as such the entries on this website reflect my views on the topics I write about. These views do not represent my Institute, University or any other organisation or persons I was or am affiliated with.

I am not responsible and shall not be held reliable for any reader’s comments on this website – these comments reflect the opinion of the person writing them, not mine.
Wherever I do refer to opinions of other people or organisations, I will clearly state this in the text. Also, wherever I include information from third parties, I will cite the source of this information.

Despite my greatest efforts to base my opinions on the available evidence, I do not claim that any of the statements I make are true, complete or accurate. I can guarantee that I will make mistakes at times, but I will try to correct them as soon as I notice them.
I am not an English native speaker, and my command of the English language is not perfect – you are therefore likely to encounter bad use of grammar or punctuation and the use of words or phrases that do not fit best in the context at times. I apologise in advance for my mistakes, particularly those that cause misunderstandings or difficulties in understanding the true meaning of my writing.

Because new evidence is produced every day and as I discover more evidence supporting and/or contradicting my ideas, my opinions might change over time. There are many things I do not know or that I am not aware of, and my writing should therefore not be mistaken to be “the whole picture” – as much as I would like it to be.

This blog does not offer independent advice on health or any other issues – my sole aim is to provide a fraction of the available evidence and my opinion on issues that I care about. I am not a GP and I am therefore not in a position to give counsel on health or treatment options.

As a scientist, I am enthusiastic about science, but my experience has taught me to be critical with what I read and hear. I advise you, my readers, to use the same critical evaluation of my writing and any other information you come across. I am also not free of bias – and I believe that no one really is. Nevertheless, I try my best to base my statements on evidence and keep an open mind about what is “true” – I actually hold the belief that we will never know absolute truth, only snapshots of the relative truth based on the knowledge and evidence available at the time.

As this blog only reflects my opinion – without any intention from my side to cause any harm or insult any parties – I shall not be held legally liable to any damage these opinions may cause. The freedom of expression is a human right, and I am using this right to speak out about topics that are important to me in this blog.


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